Now is a better time than ever to cut the cable cord. Instead of paying upwards of $100 per month for a bloated channel bundle, you can replace it with streaming TV services—and perhaps a TV antenna—at a fraction of the cost.

Ditching cable or satellite and the bills they carry sounds great in theory, but it’s not something you want to rush into without doing your research. As with most things, there’s the right way to go about cord-cutting, and then there’s the way that sends you back to your cable company begging for forgiveness. We tend to prefer the right way.

To be clear, you do not need a smart TV to cut the cord. Each television must have its own way to stream, whether it’s though a streaming device or a smart TV. If you have four TVs, and only two of them have up-to-date smart TV software, you’ll need to buy two additional streaming devices. The good news is that unlike your cable box, devices like Roku and Fire TV don’t involve any ongoing equipment rental fees, so you only need to stomach the up-front cost.

Before you cancel your cable or satellite subscription, investigate what’s available to you, ask around the neighborhood, or try Cable Compare which will tell you what you can expect to get.

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